British volunteers helping Ukrainian defenders
Who We Are
Our group consists of Britons and Ukrainians organizing weekly deliveries to the east and south of Ukraine. We have come together with one goal - help save as many lives as possible.
Many large charities and many governments are providing aid to Ukraine. However, due to scale of thier opertaions and large overheads this effort is often slow, ineffective and expensive.
We raise funds to provide equipment directly in the hands of those who need it most without any intermediaries. We also help large donors who want to help their friends and family members in specific brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
Our Core Strengths
No overheads
Our group does not spend a single penny on administrative staff, futile promotions, or endless board meetings. Whilst the war in Ukraine lasts, we work on a volunteer-only basis with no overheads
Right kind of aid
We are in touch with local communities in Ukraine: soldiers, volunteers, military medics, and we have an up-to-date view on what’s needed most in-the-moment. Our deliveries get to the right place directly to end users
Volunteer drivers
Our network of unpaid, pro-bono drivers across the UK and Europe allows us to get valuable aid out at lighting speed
Last mile deliveries and reporting
Our people on the ground get full reports and paperwork from officials taking deliveries
What We Do And How You Can Help
Donating to those who need it most
  1. Donate for specific equipment
  2. Purchase equipment and donate in-kind
  3. Business aid. If you are a business, partner with us to support Ukraine
Targeted deliveries
If your loved ones are part of the Ukrainian Military, and you would like to help a specific battalion, we are happy to help with targeting your donations to specific squads at no cost
Set up a local group
Please to discuss how your local community can help the Ukrainian cause
Menu On What You Can Help Buy
4x4 pick-up
10 bulletproof vests
10 army medical kits
Night vision set
Professional drones
10 pairs of boots and gloves
Ambulances £7,000
Our Impact To Date
Collected and delivered over £700,000 worth of aid
Delivered over £200,000 worth of cargo paid for by the Ukrainian forces' families
bulletproof vests
ballistic helmets
medical boxes, kits, sleeping bags, and tactical items
high-end drones
Our team is actively collaborating with a number of groups involved in the effort to help Ukraine
Medical Kits
We are actively working with to assemble and deliver NATO standard medical kits for Ukrainian soldiers
Medical Items
We are also helping the Welsh “Aid for Ukraine” deliver their medical donations to Ukrainian military hospitals and the Ukrainian Army
Please donate via our GoFundMe page
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If you are a large donor, contact us directly
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We can accept donations in cryptocurrencies